Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about the GamertagGenerator which are asked before.

Generating Gamertags is very easy. You can combine your nickname and name. You can also add the name of characters from your favorite video game to make a new Gamertag. Combining your name with your favorite comic character can always be cool and interesting.

Death Shot 007 – It is a unique and cool Gamertag for the players, who can kill their opponent with a single deadly shot.

Captain Cold 911 – It is a unique Gamertag for the players belonging to all age groups.

You are allowed to change your Gamertag once for free. If you have never changed it before, you can change it on Windows 10 or in the Xbox app. If you have ever changed it before, you can visit Here you can pay and change your Gamertag name.

Your Gamertag will get expire after five years of inactivity. Xbox requires that you sign once in at least every five years to keep your Gamertag active.

You can change your Gamertag one time for free. After that, you will have to pay some charges depending on your location and currency. For example, in the U.S, it will cost you 10$ to change your Gamertag. In Canada, you will be charged 14 Canadian dollars to change your Gamertag.

Nickname – Fortnite

Nickname, for Fortnite – CrazyNINJA, Blackdeath, Savagekiller, NinjasHyper.

No one will be able to claim the same Gamertag as Microsoft Does Not Allow this.

We are not able to prevent or detect the creation of Gamertags deemed offensive or hateful. However, we do not support or adhere to such hateful and offensive content on our generator.

Microsoft as of present moment does only accept alphanumeric values as tags for its platform.

The first time you sign in into your account, a unique Xbox Gamertag is created for you. If you wish to change it, you can change it only once for free. Below is the procedure to change it on your Xbox One console:

  1. Press the Xbox button that you see on your controller. After that select System > Settings > Personalization > My profile > Customize profile.
  2. Select your old Gamertag. After this, select your old Gamertag again to type a new and unique Gamertag. You also have the option to select one from the suggested list.

The maximum number of characters that you can have in your Gamertag is 15.